BLACK BOX BERLIN turned from a side project to our main darling. 144 pages on Berlin’s craze. We promise not to guide you, but to try to get your eyes open for that non fake Berlin… And BBB came from our lost hon, our first love, B2.

B2 MGZN BERLIN was the first Berlin based guide in spanish on urban culture. Since 2006 we edited nine issues on what this city offers, but also very connected to other places like Barcelona, Madrid or Buenos Aires. Since 2007 B2 also publishes the B2 MAGAZINE BERLIN Introducing CD series, mainly on electronic music.

Why BBB?

BLACK BOX has two sides, the A-Side, the magazine. In this first part we focus on content we love. Until page 72 we talk Berlin. What is fresh? What to do? Which is the real B side? We guarantee our readers a full coverage of the new stuff but, we always tell them: Berlin changes every sec. So we encourge our readers to go out and discover that special Berlin moment by themselves, yes we are a really bad guide…

Later you can turn around the mag. Put it upside down and start from the back discovering the B-Side. Our guide section. All the best to get lost in Berlin. Read about the kinky clubs, the best venues and the weirdo concerts. We do not include boring adress pages, but we have high quality introductions to all guide topics like clubbing, eating out or those freaky concerts. Two sides, one magazine and all you don’t need to know about Berlin: BLACK BOX BERLIN.

Autopoietic communication

We believe in the autopoietic nature of all systems. This means each system has a distinctive identity that is constantly reproduced in its communication and depends on what is considered meaningful and what is not. A system, a reader, an ad client or a society and their points of view are important to us and B2/BBB is a reflection of those closed systems. We as a mag try to offer due to our communication our typical view of what we consider meaningful in live: beauty, independent media, the CC cause, alternative lifestyles, solid electronic music, people living the 21st century and killing those shit ideas of the 2oth century, post post-feminism, a multipolar world, a revival of germanys 1920ies, diversity. So many things. Our contents want to set an impulse to the receptors. They decide if our ideas can be part of their identity. This is our way to communicate. We avoid hypocricy in media and think that qualitative content is the only honest way of making communication. We want our readers and also our makers to keep constantly their eyes and minds open and evaluate not only our beliefs but also their/our actions. B2/BBB, autopoietic communication.

Autopoietic communication

More on our philosophy coming soon…


B2 on german wiki

B2's VA DE RETRO issue #8

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