B2 MAGAZINE Introducing Series

The B2 MAGAZINE Introducing Series were until now a great opportunity to introduce bands to the Berlin market. Berlin is a music city and beeing part on those B2 samplers were a great chance for entering a new market. The B2 concept now changes. Watch out for B2 MAGAZINE Introducing Vol. IV…

cd03The Beautiful Ones (2008) featuring_ Cof Cof, La Suite Bizarre, Superpose, A-lix, Age of jets, We are not brothers, Sofus Forsberg, Molokow, Lützenkirchen, Planet Orfea, Finest Blend, Max Sharam and Cubop. Cover design by Eduardo Méndez. Compilated by Juliana González


Transelectronics (2008) featuring_ Gudrun Gut, Gersound, Chris De Luca vs. phon.o, Jahcoozi, Duophonic, Lorenzo Navarro, Miguel Arrieta, Equis, Zaga, BuYaLaCua and Miguel Álvarez. Cover design by Mariam Gegidze.

Transelectronics is our fine electro collection. Just for those Monika in Polen rythms from Gudrun Gut I could kill my granma. We also included Chris de Luca and Jahcoozi both present at CTM 2007. And discover our spanish electronics. Compilated by Susana Panea

Ubersoundz (2007) featuring_ Adicta, Modulok Trío, Manta Raya, Luís Miguélez & The Glitters, Merlussa, Proyecto Verona, Pescadores de Ventanas, Bullicio Producciones, La Banda de tu Hermana, Santiago Cruz, Tango Crash, Electric Riders, Yanira Castro & Karma Sudaca. Cover design by Bárbara Lanzarote.

Ubersoundz our Popkomm 2007 sampler includes great locals and some well known artists from abroad. From the boyz and grrrl from Manta Raya from La Plata in Argentina or their neighbours from Buenos Aires, Adicta, were combined with local night birds Luís Miguélez and his weird and great electro-rock soundz. Compilated by Juliana González and Manuel Marín

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