Refined electronica – SÓNAR 09

2 04 2009

Ok. The guys had a weird trip this winter. This year, the Sónar image takes the form of a short film. The central characters are surreal majorettes from the world of dreams, who have lost their bearings in the land of the living as a result of calls from a fiendish telephone booth. They’ve been producing the official Sónar vid somewhere in France – a good idea how Sónar you can get in june. Without freeze:

Click on the picture to watch this years Sónar full length image vid! Or…

What else should be said on Sónar 2009? Get your Barcelona hotel, be prepared for some Raster Noton artists on june 18, Carsten Nicolai’s label touches down at the festival with all its big guns: Alva Noto, SND, Atom TM and Byetone.

Bpitch will be represented by the most expected joint Moderat, the Berlin fusion of Modeselektor and Appart (Ellen Alien’s best bud), more Berlin tunes by Ostgut Ton and on Sónar Nights on june 20 you’ll dance to Crystal Castles. Check the complete line-up here. What could be added to this line up? Just book soon and be there:



UK tix
0844 847 25 11
mon to sun 24/7


Et je sais que tu aimes les animaux

23 03 2009


This guys from Montreal will soon rock Berlin. Check for the day and find their sounds on the web. Malajube is a Canadian pop-rock quintet which took the indie scene by storm. On February 10, the band released its third catchy rock album, Labyrinthes. Fully packed they’ll present their actual release in Berlin’s Magnet Club. Another proof that those guys in Prenzlauer Berg do great booking work. After Trompe-l’œil (2006) and Le Compte Complet (2004) they completed a weirdo masterpiece with highly addictive tracks, though we’re still loving La monogamie from their second one. Don’t miss!

An analogue bubble bath

16 03 2009

On april 26 you’ll have one of the greatest electronic acts around served at Ostgut. Don’t miss this L.A. guy: Flying Lotus’ Los Ángeles is already a milestone. Tune in for a review on Steven Ellison’s june 08 release…


Along with the rising profiles of both Scottish producer Rustie and fellow Warp artist Harmonic 313, FlyLo’s migration to the Sheffield label for his first full-length release indicates that this strain of instrumental, broken hip hop is whetting aural appetites. Steven Ellison’s hometown provides the impetus for a narrative of city life where off-kilter beats, cloaked in ambience, set the soundscape. His is an L.A that threatens; the ominous, static fog of opener Brainfeeder seduces, while Roberta Flack is just sublime.

Where David Holmes’ Bow Down To The Exit Sign packed a visceral, urban punch through spoken monologues from corner street dwellers, Ellison’s eschewing of M.Cs smacks of confidence. Without lyrical clutter the imagined city is as much the listener’s creation as the artist’s, a trick that perhaps betrays Ellison’s jazz lineage (his aunt is Alice Coltrane).

Prefuse 73’s shadow looms large over the wonderfully-monikered Beginners Falafel and the crunchy edits of Camel. That aside, Ellison’s deftness of touch, matched with the application of ethereal backdrops that recall EL P’s stone cold work with Cannibal Ox, ensure this street storyboard intensifies with each listen. The rabbit-warren, rhythmic …

For the complete review click tha pic, hon!


26 02 2009

The Tijuana label Static Discos is know among music fans worldwide for its small but solid selection of experimental electronic acts, which are often better known in Europe than within the boundaries of Latin America. One such project is Antiguo Automata Mexicano—originally a single-man operation founded in the northern city of Monterrey by Ángel Sánchez Borges, which now includes drummer Carlos Icaza on its heavily improvised live sets.


Ángel began to work on AAM in 2000 as a side-project to his electro rock group Slowmotionlove. He wanted to give the ideas on noise and improvisation developed while he was cello student in the mid 1980s a digital outlet, which made it easier for him to develop new soundscapes. “I composed Microhate an album full of crackle soundscapes with a melancholic evening mood”. Angel dedicated the first track to Florian Fricke the front man of the band Popol Vuh, one of the most important projects associated with the Krautrock, the German avant-garde musical movement that emerged at the end of the 1960’s.

Not only was Microhate influenced by German experimental music, it was also released through Background Records in Düsseldorf, Germany home to groups such as Neu! and Kraftwerk. According to Ángel, being associated to minimalist and avant-garde German music can be both good and bad, but has never been a gimmick. “I always dedicate some pieces of my work to musical heroes of mine”, says Ángel , “for example, to Walter Schmidt, in my opinion one of greatest electronic and experimental musicians ever to have come from México.”

A project such as AAM is rare for Monterrey, an industrial culturally and politically conservative city best known in Mexican music circles for norteña music and the “avanzada regia”—a movement that included hip-hop, rock, and electronic bands once considered commercially viable by MTV and the record industry. AAM has had little relation to this phenomenon. In fact, the music of Antiguo Automata Mexicano with its abstract and challenging disposition stands in rather sharp contrast to most music from Monterrey. I ask Angel about his relation to his native city and whether he has found support for his music? “I do believe that my music could only emerge from Monterrey”, says Ángel, “I don’t know why, but perhaps just being bored in the middle of this infernally hot place!”

AAM has certainly achieved an important level of attention among adventurous musicfans. With his latest project—Kraut Slut—in which Ángel has further developed the intensity and intricateness of his sound, AAM has generated considerable attention from publications such as Fader, Urb, Pitchfork and Texture. Unfortunately, such level of international attention remains elusive for the majority of Mexican experimental projects. When I asked Ángel how he has been able to put AAM on the global musical spectrum, he replied, “I think AAM has gained such recognition because of all the work I’ve been doing in Mexico since the 1980s. In Monterrey and Mexico City people started paying attention to my music because the “German album” (Microhate) and a review by the electronic music publication De:Bug”.

Read the complete article from Oscar León Bernal in B2 MAGAZINE BERLIN #9, BLACK BOX BERLIN

Let’s get it started Mr. O!

26 02 2009


Ok, somehow we like the Obama Idea. Suddenly a saviour appears, amidst the biggest crisis ever. People still think there is a way out. And there is a way out: but the way out is preceded by a hard paradigmatic change. The markets can’t expand anymore. Our ways of living have to change. The worldwide saturation with goods has reduced China to a dumb toothless plastic tiger. Faking the possibility of recovering and getting back to the state of happiness with consumption is just a lie. Some “O”-Quotes:

“We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.” Really? How?

“The only way this century will be another American century is if we confront at last the price of our dependence on oil and the high cost of health care; the schools that aren’t preparing our children and the mountain of debt they stand to inherit. That is our responsibility.” Another American century? Fuck no!

“Thank you, God Bless you, and may God Bless the United States of America.” Oh, please!

I don’t know why we like Mr. Obama. But he shouldn’t be confounded by some weird advisors. The truth is that we won’t recover, that we won’t overcome this crisis. But live will continue and maybe the Berlin way could be used as an example. Berlin is, was and will always be poor (but sexy). And what once was a different model of living could be a way out for humanity? It is hard to recognize that politics has no idea how to get out of this mess. But there is no need to lie. Let’s be honest, we knew that politics never served the people and therefore we never expected solutions, so don’t sell cheap philosophy. Just don’t lie. Be honest or do what your predecessors did. Nothing.
Consumerism has come to an end – a real chance to change for good. To measure with quality, not quantity… Let’s get things started Mr. O!

BTW_ B2#10 will offer you some easy receipts how to cope with unstable environments in life. Cheap philosophy for free, soon on B2 MAG…

Speak english or die?

1 01 2009

B2@wp starts … now. Follow and join us doin’ the impossible to get our tenth issue out. An important decision, we’ll only work mainly with a fix staff. We were far too kind to be an open project. U’ll be screwed if ur arse is wide open, so after that experience ..

Los fabulosos Schokoschock...

Download the Malasaña inspired B2 song made by Kreuzberg’s SCHOKOSCHOCK: Killer Woman.mp3